“A New Girl, A Song”
Season 1, Episode 1
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An Act of Love, a Song

 A New Girl, A Song is the First episode of Violetta in Season 1.

The episode A New Girl, a Song was made by Francesca14601.


The students rehearse for their last concert in Barcelona. Accidentally, Violetta get hurt while she's rehearsing. Everyone is worried for Violetta. Antonio talked with YouMix to suspend the show, but is too late, they can't change the schedule. Antonio, along with Pablo decided to replace Violetta with another girl, but no one, even Ludmila want the role. Everyone is very worried because no one can replace Violetta, but then, a girl named Veronica who is fan of the Studio comes. She met the students and she sung with them too. Pablo hear Veronica voice and he asked her if  she want to replace Violetta. Veronica accept it and she start to rehearse with the student. The show ends succesfully with the help of Veronica. At the final, Pablo and Antonio gave her a scholarship to be part of the Studio On Beat.


  • This is the first and last appearance of Veronica (unless someone decides to add her into another episode)
  • This is the first appearance of all the characters.
  • Violetta hurts herself and can't continue in this episode
  • This is the first time Ludmila doesn't want Violetta's part

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