“A Cousin, A Song”
Season 1, Episode 4
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A Return, a Song


A New Life, A Song

A Cousin, A Song is the fourth episode of Violetta Season 1.

Episode Summary

Francesca's cousin Mia comes to visither at the studio. Francesca spends most of the day trying to hide from her but it all fails. Mia later then pulls a prank on Francesca for hiding from her. Whilest pranking Ludmila found Mia and decided to talk to her with Federico. Federico later revels that she is from his old school and has been kicked out ten times and he is scared to talk to her. Whilest Naty, Maxi and Federico watch Ludmila talks to her and the two become friends. Naty dislikes her because she thinks that she is trying to steal her job as Ludmila's assistant. When Francesca finds out about Mia and Ludmila she talks to Naty and they come up with a plan to get rid of her. But with Ludmila on Mia's side it won't be easy. They later find out that she likes Andres and they use him to drive her back to Italy. Then Camila tries to help when she sees people being mean to Mia but just like Ludmila she started an argument. So Camila went to Francesca about it and Francesca let her in on the plan. Maxi overhears and tells Federico who tells ludmila who decides to tell Andres that he's being used and he dumps Mia and tells the girls to stop using him. After seeing Mia with Ludmila, Violetta goes to Francesca about it but hears the girls talking about being so mean to Mia that she won't want to stay and go back to Italy. So Violetta tells Ludmilas mother Priscilla who lets Ludmila know and tells Mia that it isn't safe to stay in Argentina any more and to go back to Italy. So Mia doesn't show up at the studio the next day and Francesca goes over to Mia's apartment and Mia confronts her then leaves to go back after saying that she won't be coming back anytime soon. Francesca then walks back to the studio crying and Diego and Marco comfort her.

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